He knows when you‘ve been sleeping.  That would be good old Saint Nick, of course.  The holy bishop of Christmas and children makes a point of checking up on us on or about his feast day every year, December 6. 

This year a couple of weather delays held up his arrival.  This gave us a chance to have some kids on hand (besides ourselves, always young at heart and ready for fun).  Kathy and John Trevino filled our largest parlor with their nine children.  Saint Nicholas did not disappoint.  He had a very large sack full of gifts for each.





Saint Nicholas wasn’t around on New Year’s Eve but if the legend is true, he knew we were all awake to see in 2017 with a Mass.  Monsignor Michael Fisher, faithful to a tradition that has brought him here every December 31 (except once during an ice storm) for 28 years, began the Mass at 11:30 p.m.  A celebratory spread of cookies and hot cocoa after Mass provided a sweet blessing for the New Year.





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