Every year on March 25 we celebrate the biggest news story in the history of mankind, the announcement of the Angel Gabriel to Mary that she would be the mother of the Savior.  Now we have some news to add to that date.  Sister Eunice Teresa of Divine Mercy has also said YES like Mary.  At a special private Mass, she pronounced her first vows in the hands of Reverend Mother Virginia Marie, signed a written copy and laid it on the altar.



Father William Noe, SJ, was the celebrant at this event.  He gave a heart-felt homily, having known Sister personally for some time.  A photo session followed to record this milestone for posterity.



It is traditional in Carmel to crown a Sister with flowers during such an event.  Sister Eunice’s crown included her favorite color, pink.  May she always be “in the pink.”


Sister Eunice likes to garden and has already begun to reap the spring crops.  She has been providing our table with radishes, lettuce, and other early vegetables. Our garden of Carmel is growing, too. Keep praying for more vocations to sprout.