As you know, our monastery has a religious name, Carmel of Saint Joseph.  “Of Port Tobacco” is hardly a holy designation, but it is unique and historic.  However, we are always aware and proud of our patronal designation.  To demonstrate this a bit, we’ve posed some of the nuns with a few of the images that we have in the enclosure.

The statue above (with Sister Therese) was the first thing that visitors saw when they came to our old entrance. It was mounted on the outside wall by the front door.  In the next photo, Sister Eunice Teresa admires yet another image in our choir. It is a Carmelite custom to keep Joseph close to the seat of the Sub-Prioress. (Our Lady has the place of honor above the Prioress’ seat.)









We don’t keep our Patron cooped up indoors! Sister Dolores Peter re-arranges some garden ornaments. Saint Joseph has a lap generous enough to sit in!