Are you worried about the lack of vocations to the priesthood? Be of good cheer! Our Archdiocese has a seminary overflowing with good men eager to serve the Lord and His people.

In July, our parlor was also overflowing as about 35 of them came for a visit from the John Paul II Seminary. They first spent a Holy Hour in our chapel, ending with Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. What a great witness!

We like to get acquainted with the seminarians and tell them something about our life. Who knows if one of them, after ordination, will be the link between our monastery and some young woman who feels called to Carmel?

By whatever means possible, encourage your priests and your seminarians. This is the future of our Church. 

By the way, when they are not at prayer or visiting monasteries, these guys play a mean game of baseball!

Check out the Padres at:

Every year we have the privilege of a community retreat of ten days. It is rare that this coincides with the Solemnity of Our Lady’s Assumption, which it did this year. From August 6 to August 14, we “unplugged” from our usual business and schedules. The enclosure settled into a profound silence and greater recollection.

We were happy to welcome one of our Carmelite friars, Father Juan De Bono, OCD, to be our retreat master. Father Juan is  from the island nation of Malta where he  is Provincial.

The theme of the retreat was the spirituality of Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, a subject dear to Father Juan. In addition to the daily homily at Mass, Father gave us two excellent conferences each day. His thorough explanations sparked our interest even more in our Sister-Saint and her writings will benefit us even more in the future.

If you are not familiar with Saint Elizabeth, we recommend her life and writings. She wanted after her death to help souls in their interior life. We could all use that!