During the last week of April, Mother Virginia Marie and Sister Miriam John attended the largest gathering of Carmelite nuns ever held in the United States, possibly even in the world.  World, consider yourself on notice!  We are alive and well!   

Some 172 Carmelites from the United States and Canada practically took over the Sheraton Chalet in west Saint Louis.  It was a joy meeting many Sisters that we knew and making the acquaintance of some that we did not.  The Order is growing.  There are now 70 communities in the United States, of which 53 were represented, in addition to the ones from Canada. 

Also in attendance were our Father General Saverio Cannistrá from Rome, with Father Daniel Chowning, Definitor for the English-speaking Carmelites of the world, and Father Rafel Wilkowski, liason for the nuns.  Each of them gave talks and held question-and-answer sessions. 

We hope that you are encouraged that there are so many living a life completely dedicated to prayer.  Remember that you are sailing on an ocean of prayer when your boat seems storm-tossed and lost.  Whatever we are doing at any moment, we have consecrated it for the Church, the world, and you.   



Who knew?  Thomas Aquinas and jazz piano go well together.  A Dominican friar would know it, and a certain friar of our acquaintance has considerable talent both in Thomistic studies and jazz.  That’s Father Basil Cole, OP, at the black and white keyboard which matches his black and white habit.  He delighted us with a playful piece after the Easter Vigil Mass.  Alleluia!