Before you can vote, you have to attain a certain age. This is true in Carmel. Women who are accepted into our community must learn our trade, so to speak. They are apprentices in the ways of prayer according to the spirit of Saint Teresa of Jesus.

An apprentice must study the craft she aspires to. She must learn in two ways, by learning facts and by experience. The first is to be found primarily in the works of Saint Teresa, especially The Way of Perfection. This is our manual on how to be a Carmelite.
Once a Sister has taken all the classes, lived the life for about six years, and been accepted to solemn vows, she takes her place in the Chapter. It then becomes her responsibility to vote and otherwise to share in the governing of the monastery.

We would like to remind you that it is largely due to your prayers for vocations that we are blessed at present with two white veils. Sister Eunice Teresa (left) is in temporary vows, and Sister Dolores Peter is a novice. Donít forget to pray for the Mistress of Novices! Thatís Sister Ana, on the right, leading them down The Way.