It isn’t obvious to our visitors, but there is more to our enclosure than you ever dreamed.  A real “Into the Woods” forest lies below our holy hill.  In the summer it can be forbidding with abundant ticks, snakes, and briars, but after first frost, it invites.



A Christmas week trek was organized by our more able-bodied.  After suiting up and packing snacks and drinks, off they went down a hill dotted with large trees.  A thick carpet of leaves gave a satisfying crunch to mark every step.




The main attraction of our flood plain acreage is Little Jennie Run, a storybook brook that would delight any child of any age.  It is not known for sure why it has that name.  Possibly it has something to do with the family of Jenifer, prominent landholders in the area.  The name of our dog, Jennie, was influenced by this lovely meandering stream.  It was here when our nuns first arrived in 1790.  Despite beavers damming it up some years ago, despite upstream pollution (now cleaned up), it trickles on and tickles the imagination.  

Until the homeward uphill climb!