No doubt you know about the solar eclipse on August 21. Maybe you saw it, at least on the news. Like millions of people, we were not going to miss this event. So we set up a viewing station in our courtyard.

This consisted of binoculars mounted on a tripod. The binoculars, once focused, produced two large images of the sun onto a table top “screen.” The details were
good enough to see a number of sunspots. At the appointed hour, the black moon started taking larger and larger bites out of the sun and the day dimmed.


Our maximum was 82% coverage. It was not a total eclipse for us but enough to create a twilight and quiet down the sounds of birds. We look forward to the next one in seven years.


Did you know that a solar eclipse is a symbol of the Incarnation? Think about it: The sun, representing Christ, hides behind the moon, symbol of Mary. Now go back and (re-)read page one.